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New Pendant Lights - Spring 2014 collection October 27 2014

Longer lighting cords now available in 4 colors! September 16 2014

Great news! We now are able to supply lighting cords in 4 different colors which will be compatible for the majority of our lights!

Most lights come with 1.2 metre cords however for some decorations a longer drop is needed.

If this is the case, then add a cord separately to your cart and choose from 4 available colors: black, white, silver and yellow.

All the cords can be viewed under this product listing.

June update - recent pricing changes & news! June 01 2014

The past month at She Lights has been super busy!

We headed to DesignEx in Sydney, made recent additions by adding tiered pricing system and added a whole new collection of lights.

Read bout it in this blog post.

SHE Lights featured on Catch Of The Day sale April 07 2014

A super exciting partnership with CatchOfTheDay!

Win a PLUTO light at The Little Design Corner March 15 2014

PLUTO giveaway on The Little Design Corner!

SHE Lights featured in Temple & Webster March 15 2014

A number of our products are currently featured at Temple & Webster! 

You need an e-mail to sign up in order to access their shop.

You can get our items for a limited time (sale ends Thursday 20/03/2014) at a discount.

Check it out!

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